Electronics Assembler (Northvale, NJ)

The PCB Assembler – Level 2, must be able to solder small electronic components on doubled sided printed circuit boards. Also, must perform assembly both to rework and repair subassemblies according to IPC – 610 quality standards and in accordance to IMT standard drawing and schematics.

Major Responsibilities and Tasks

Perform all tasks associated with soldering or assembly of a variety of printed wiring boards ranging from subminiature to standard size. The job requires the ability to hand solder small components and to read assembly drawings as well as schematics. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to solder small electronic components using a microscope. Also, required is the ability to perform solder reworks as well as upgrading PC boards. The candidate is expected to identify any errors or problems with the material. Must have experience with BOM’s. PCB Assembler – Level 2, must be capable of working with engineering to perform modifications or rebuilds of product.

  • Location: Northvale, NJ
  • Fax: 201-784-1000
  • Attn: Andy – Production Manager

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