Modifiziertes Standardmodell GTM2065, um kundenspezifische Umgebungs- und EMI Anforderungen zu erfüllen. Mis à jour le standard de GTM2065 se conformer à la clientèle et des exigences environnementales spécifiques EMI Alimentatori standard GTM2065 Modificati per rispettare i requisiti Ambientali ed EMI specifici dei clienti お客様専科環境、EMI要求事項への修正基準GTM2065による適応 고객 특정 환경 및 EMI 요구 사항을 준수하는 수정된 표준의 GTM2065 Norma GTM2065 Modificada para Obedecer as Exigências Ambientais Específicas do Cliente e do EMI
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Modified standard GTM2065 power supply to comply with customer specific environmental and EMI requirements

for specific use with LED X-Ray lighting system. Modifications were also implemented to add wire harnesses with connectors for easy system installation and cost savings on customer’s manufacturing cost. Approvals to UL, cUL, CE, Demko to IEC 60601-1

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