Ora Abbiamo CE / EMC GT-41062-T2 -T3(A) Intercambiabile a EN 55022_2010 EN 55024_2012 Vi har nu CB/EMC GT-41062-T2-T3(A) utbytbara till EN55022_2010EN55024_2012
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We now have CE / EMC GT-41062-T2 -T3(A) Interchangeable to EN 55022_2010 EN 55024_2012

Continuing to pursue its commitment to quality products and service, GlobTek, a world-class provider of power supplies and power electronic solutions, now has an updated CE certificate and EMC report GT-41062-T2 -T3(A) and Interchangeable blades to EN 55022_2010 EN 55024_2012.

CE certificate
EMC report

EN 55022:2010
EN 55024:2012
EN 61000-3-2: 2006+A1: 2009+A2: 2009
EN61000-3-3: 2008

GlobTek is a power systems solutions provider with design and manufacturing facilities in the USA and China and sales offices in Germany, France, and the UK. Offering a line of power supplies for applications from gym equipment to medical systems, GlobTek can also develop and create custom power solutions for just about any application. GlobTek is located at 186 Veterans Drive, Northvale NJ 07647. For more information call 201-784-1000 or visit GlobTek online at www.globtek.com.

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