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Magnetic connector options offer reliable connections and robust solutions for products demanding long life cycles

Magnetic connectors allow for quick and easy interconnection as well as eliminate the possibility of unintended breakage of traditional style connectors from rough handling or certain physical impacts. GlobTek offers magnetic connector options for it’s power supply adapter offering as well as for cable assemblies.

GlobTek offers Magnetic Plug and socket offerings in 10mm for 5A of current, 8mm for 2A of current, and 5.58mm for 1A of current. Standard and custom overmolds are available upon request.

GlobTek has a core competence in both designing partially or completely customized plugs or implementing customer specific designs. GlobTek utilizes state of the art software and engineering abilities to design, validate, and tool connector solutions for all sorts of applications.

GlobTek manufactures such solutions as input and output connectors for power supplies as well as stand-alone cable assemblies.

GlobTek is able to utilize off the shelf components or custom fabricate components as well as overmolds in all ratings, colors, shapes, hardness, and materials.

GlobTek handles all aspects of Mold/tooling design, implementation, and injection molding out of it’s Suzhou China production facility.

Please contact GlobTek with your requirements, specifications, or drawings for a proposal.

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Product Updates
Product Change Notice: Q type United Kingdom changeable blade PCN# 12.7.16 REV. A

GlobTek announces an alternate construction of the Interchangeable United Kingdom AC blade.

Reference: GlobTek blade part numbers Q-UK(R).

This PCN impacts the United Kingdom (Q-UK(R)) blade used on GlobTek changeable blade power supplies, including but not limited to ITE and Medical models:
GT(M)41076, GT-41078,GT-41052, GT(M)41060, GT-41062 ,GT-41131, GT-41134, GT-41135, GT-41080, GT-41081 and new Level VI compliant Models GTM96060, GT-46060, GT-46180, GT-46181 and GTM96180.

Reason for Change: As the useable life of the original tooling of the AC blade is approaching a half-way point, GlobTek has invested in new tooling for the United Kingdom blade to ensure continuous supply and increased capacity. In keeping with the latest technology the new construction blades, Version 2, are of one piece construction where as the original construction blades, Version 1, were of two piece construction.

GlobTek continues to manufacture both Version 1 and Version 2 blades.

Specification Notes:

  1. Version 2 blade has the same fit and function as the Version 1 of the United Kingdom blade.
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