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Product Change Notice: Q type Australian changeable blade

GlobTek announces an alternate construction of the Interchangeable Australian AC blade.

Reference: GlobTek blade part numbers Q-SAA(R).

This PCN impacts the Australian (Q-SAA(R)) blade used on GlobTek changeable blade power supplies, including but not limited to ITE and Medical models:
GT(M)41076, GT-41078,GT-41052, GT(M)41060, GT-41062 ,GT-41131, GT-41134, GT-41135, GT-41080, GT-41081 and new Level VI compliant Models GTM96060, GT-46060, GT-46180, GT-46181, GTM96180 and GTM41061.

Reason for Change: As the useable life of the original tooling of the AC blade is approaching a half-way point, GlobTek has invested in new tooling for the Australian blade to ensure continuous supply and increased capacity. In keeping with the latest technology the new construction blades, Version 2, are of one piece construction where as the original construction blades, Version 1, were of two piece construction.

GlobTek continues to manufacture both Version 1 and Version 2 blades.

Specification Notes:

  1. Version 2 blade has the same fit and function as the Version 1 of the Australia blade, but input pins are rotated 90 degree clockwise. While, the Version 2 blade has a slightly different appearance, GlobTek sales part number, specifications, and Power Supply Customer specifications incorporating blades will not be changed as a result of the optional blade construction.
  2. Both Version 1 and Version 2 blades conform to all standards. Schedule for Implementation: Effective immediately both Version 1 and Version 2 construction Q-SAA(R) will be produced and sold for the next 12 months.
Graphical Description

Version 1

Version 2

For any questions about this product change notice, please contact your GlobTek Sales Engineer at (201) 784-1000, visit our website at or Email:

  • Rev A, Issue date, and publish date
  • Rev B, Revised to add GTM41061, 11/3/2016

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Product Updates
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A plenum is considered to be an area that has not specifically been fabricated for air handling purposes, such as a duct, but does in fact handle or convey environmental air. The most common type of plenum is the area above a suspended grid-type ceiling when designed so that return air is pulled through the above-ceiling space and recirculated into the supply air system.

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