35w乙太网电源带网络端口的简单以太网装置 Ein 35W PoE PLus Injektor vereinfacht Ethernet-Installationen L'injecteur 35W PoE Plus simplifie les installations Ethernet Iniettori e PoE Semplificano le Installazioni Ethernet 35W 35WPoEプラスインジェクターはイサーネットインストールを簡素化します 단순 이더넷 설치 35W 의PoE 플러스 인젝터 Injetores PoE Plus Simplificam as Instalações Ethernet de 35W PoE Plus Injectors Simplify Ethernet Installations 35W
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PoE Plus Injectors Simplify Ethernet Installations 35W

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Active Injector offers a compact and cost effective, solution for remote powering of Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points, Voice over IP phones and network security cameras. GlobTek’s GT-91085-3550 injector is designed to meet the anticipated requirements of IEEE 802.3at, but modifications may be required since this standard has not yet been finalized or released. The active injector automatic detection and protection of legacy Ethernet terminals eliminates the need for external power supply and its associated AC/DC power cabling, providing a compact, affordable, safe and reliable power solution over existing Ethernet infrastructures. Style enclosed power supplies are housed in impact resistant non-vented polycarbonate case, thermal conduction cooling, case dimensions: 125 x 75 x 38 (mm). This family features: regulated output with very low ripple, built-in protection features: O.C., S.C., O.V, detection circuit, thermal, LED to indicate power & POE "OK". Unit accepts input voltage from 90-267Vac 47-63Hz. Power & data connectors can be installed to meet customer's requirements. Modified and custom designs are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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