PoE分离器和接入器使以太网的安装更加简单 PoE Splitter und Injektor vereinfachen die Etherneteinrichtung Séparateurs PoE & Injecteurs simplifie l'installation Ethernet Splitter ed Iniettori PoE Semplificano le Installazioni Ethernet PoEスプリッターとインジェクターはイサーネットインストールを簡素化します 단순 이더넷 설치의PoE 스플리터 및 인젝터 Divisores & Injetores PoE Simplificam Instalações Ethernet PoE Splitters & Injectors Simplifies Ethernet Installations
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PoE Splitters & Injectors Simplifies Ethernet Installations

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Active Splitter & Injector is designed to function with and provide power to any IEEE 802.3 AF compliant PoE equipment. Regulated outputs voltage from: 5V to 24Vdc in 0.1V increment, up to 8-15W of continuous output power. GlobTek’s GT-91080 Series enclosed power supplies are housed in Impact Resistant non-vented Polycarbonate Upper and Lower Case, Thermal Conduction Cooling, Case Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 36 (mm). This Family features: Regulated output with very low ripple, Built-in Protection features: O.C., S.C., O.V, detection circuit, Thermal, accepts input voltage from -36 to -60Vdc (-48Vnom) with under -30V lock out voltage. Power & Data connectors can be installed to meet customerís requirements. Modified and Custom Designs are Also Available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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