ATX开关式电源,内带UPS ATX-Schaltnetzteile mit UPS innerhalb Fournitures de commutation d'alimentation ATX avec UPS à l'intérieur Alimentatori Switch ATX con UPS interno UPS内蔵ATXスイッチ電源製品 ATX 스위칭 전원 공급 장치, UPS적용 Fontes de alimentação alternadas ATX com UPS dentro ATX switching power supplies with UPS inside
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ATX switching power supplies with UPS inside

GU series of ATX type switching power supplies & Lead Acid battery combinations. This product allows ATX SPS users to take advantage of our high quality and low cost ATX with the advantage of a disaster-saving battery backup. This system-saving product fits in all standard PCs and takes the form of standard case sizes for ATX & Micro-ATX type supplies. The battery can easily be fitted in the 5 1/4" drive bay of any PC (Model #s: GUB 2420 / GUB 1244), or fitted inside the chassis of a PC or other types of equipment (GUB 1240 & 1270). Made in USA option available upon request.

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