30W双重绝缘外置医疗电源可以满足B,BF和C等级应用 Watt Netzteil bietet „Doppelte Isolierung“ für medizinische Anwendungen (Klasse B, BF & C) Alimentation médicale 30W à double isolation pour classes B, BF, C Gli Alimentatori Esterni Medicali per Applicazioni Classe B, BF e C Offrono il Doppio Isolamento 30W医療クラス“B、BF&C”アプリケーション用の外部医療電源製品は“二重絶縁体”を提供します “2중 절연” 30W 제공의 의료 클래스 “B, BF & C” 응용을 위한 외부 의료 전원 공급 장치 Fonte de Alimentação Médica Externa para Aplicações Médicas de Classe “B, BF & C” oferece “Isolamento Duplo External Medical Power Supply for Medical Class
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External Medical Power Supply for Medical Class B, BF and C Applications offers Double Isolation

GlobTek's GTM51060 series of external power supplies offer output power available up to 30W. Double Insulation Mechanical Configurations, Regulated Outputs voltage from: 5V to 48Vdc in 0.1V increment, up to 30W of continuous output power. Style enclosed power supplies are housed in Impact Resistant non-vented Polycarbonate Upper and Lower Case, Thermal Conduction Cooling, Case Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 45 (mm) This Family features: Regulated output with very low ripple, Built-in Protection features: O.C., S.C., O.V., Thermal, accepts Universal Input: 90-264Vac, designed to meet Safety Agency Requirements: international 60601.1 and complies with EMI/RFI Regulations, EMC Directives/ CE and FCC Class B for ITE/Medical Applications. Modified and Custom Designs are Also Available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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