Schaltnetzteile Desk-Top Wand-Plug-In Open-Frame Single-Output-Serie Alimentations à découpage Desk-Haut Mur Plug-In Open-Single Frame sortie de la série Serie di Alimentatori Switch (Da Tavolo, Da Muro o a Telaio Aperto) Uscita Singola per Utilizzi ITE O Medicali Classe 2 Unità Certificata 10-20 Watt 10-20ワットスイッチ電源製品デスクトップ壁差込シングル出力シリーズ:認証された医療用スイッチ電源製品とITEクラス2電力単位 스위칭 전원 공급 장치 데스크탑 벽 플러그인 오픈 프레임 단일 출력 계열, “의료 스위칭 전원 공급 장치” ITE 및 클래스 2 전원 장치 인증 10-20W Série de Fontes de Alimentação Alternadas Desk-Top de Plugue de Parede de Estrutura Aberta de Saída Única Switching Power Supplies Desk-Top Wall Plug-In Open-Frame Single-Output Series
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Switching Power Supplies (Desktop, Wall Plug-In or Open-Frame) Single-Output Series for Medical or ITE use Class 2 Power Unit Certified 10-20 Watt

New single-output family, GT(M)21089/21096 series, Desk-Top/Wall-Plug-In North America, Europe, U.K., Australia/Open-Frame Class I, Protective Ground and Class II, Double-Enforced Insulation Mechanical Configurations, Output voltage from: 3.3V to 48V in 0.1V increment, from 10W to 20W maximum output power, single-platform design. Enclosed power supplies are housed in Impact Resistant non-vented Polycarbonate Upper and Lower Case, Thermal Conduction Cooling, Case Dimensions: 86.5 x 47 x 32 (mm) Desk-Top or: 74 x 49 x 40.5 (mm) Wall-Plug-In all Models or 84.6 x 30.7 x 28.9 (mm) Open-Frame. This Family features: Regulated output with very low ripple up to 20W output power, has Built-in Protection features: O.C./S.C., O.V., Thermal, accepts Universal Input:100-250VAC, meets Safety Agency Requirements: UL2601/UL60950/UL1310, CSA 22.2#601/950/223-M91, and TUV EN60601/EN60950 and complies with EMI/RFI Regulations, EMC Directives/ CE and FCC Class B, for Grounded and Non-Grounded, Medical and ITE Applications. All Models carry UL, TUV and T-Mark logos, and CE-Mark Report generated by independent Certified Laboratory. Modified and Custom Designs are Also Available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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