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Power Supply Serves Low-Noise Applications

Providing a solution for instrumentation and other sensitive applications, the GT-51084-12N12 linear power supply from GlobTek delivers an output of ±12Vdc at 0.25 A with very low noise. Features of the 6-Watt power supply include a line voltage regulation of ±1% typical at full load and an output regulation of ±5%.

“There are many applications where low-noise power is needed, and many designers forget an external supply can serve those needs” Ed Seaman, VP of Sales for GlobTek pointed out. “By locating the supply external to the device not only can you meet the noise requirements but also remove the thermal and product scaling issues presented by using an internal supply.”

Additional features include a polycarbonate non-vented case with voltage selector and on/off power switches. The EU 2002/95/EC AND CHINA SJ/T 11363-2006 ROHS-compliant power supply also meets EN55022 Class B for EMI and is UL- and PSE-compliant. The power supply is available with a waterproof M8 or m12 type connector.

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