78W 内嵌电池式直流/交流输入UPS电源 UPS AC / DC-Eingang mit interner Batterie 78W Alimentation sécurisée 78W avec batterie interne UPS con Entrate AC/DC e Batteria Interna 78W 78W内部電池付きUPS AC/DC入力  내장 배터리 78W를 갖춘UPS AC/ DC Entrada AC/DC UPS com Bateria Interna de 78W UPS AC/DC Input with Internal Battery 78W
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UPS AC/DC Input with Internal Battery 78W

UPS design delivers up to 50W of Continuous Output Power while charging a Li-ion Battery (12V 6Ahr) up to 38W at 12.6V). GlobTek’s GS-480 models have single or dual DC regulated outputs, accepts Universal Input: 85-264 Vac or DC input 9-18 V, Low Ripple, Class B EMI Filter, Built-in Protection: O.C./S.C., O.V., O.T., battery charger function: over charge, over discharge & over temperature protection; and the design switches over to battery backup without interruption. Footprint of 10 x 4.25 x 2.2 inches. Designed to meets Safety International Agency Requirements to 60950 and complies with EMC Directives for CE and FCC Class B Applications. Modified and custom designs are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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