Battery Chargers External Constant Current Sealed Lead for Medical Applications Split-Rate UL 2601-1 Recognized

External Switchmode Split-Rate Constant Current Sealed Lead Battery Chargers. These designs are available in sleek low profile 94VO Polycarbonate, no vent plastic cases 118 x 60 x 33 (mm) to 141 x 76 x 43 (mm), SMT Leading Edge circuit designs, are thermal conduction cooled with regulated current, single output. For the first part of the charging period , while the battery is in low state of charge, the current charge will be medium to high charge rate, factory adjustable. When the battery is approaching full charge, the charging current is switched to a very low trickle charge rate. The charger then may be left connected to the battery indefinitely.

Designs are available up to 72W configurations. Universal input of 90-264 Vac 47-63Hz and outputs ranging from 1 cell to 48V battery. All designs are APPROVED to meet UL 2601-1, CSA (cUL22.2 #601.1), TUV EN60601, CE & CB. Designs were tested to EMC requirements. These battery chargers are ideal for Portable Equipment, Communication, Video, Power Tools, and Other Electronic Medical & ITE Equipment. Attractive Small Size, Proven Reliability, Cost efficiency makes these power supplies perfect for OEM requirements (Modified designs & for use with ITE 60950 equipment are also available). International power cords are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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