Quality Assurance Analyst – Power Supplies and Battery Systems (Northvale, NJ)

Quality Assurance Analyst – Power Supplies and Battery Systems


Northvale, NJ 07647

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for new product configuration according to customer specification.
  • Create and execute test plans. Perform Design Qualification, testing and verifications on proprietary Power Supplies.
  • Create detailed Engineering report for mass production implementation.
  • Analyze circuit schematic problems, possible solutions and perform evaluation test to validate effectiveness of proposed solutions.
  • Conduct Failure Analysis on returned units.
  • Evaluate Engineering Design changes made through qualification, validation, and verification of critical power supply electrical functional parameters, compliance and reliability effect on product’s performance & manufacturability.
  • Perform bench work testing of various switch mode power supply design topologies, electrical design circuits for new products design and manufacture.
  • Evaluate Power Supplies for compliance with DoE’s Energy mandatory requirement of all External Power Supply.
  • Perform Electrical, Thermal, Safety and EMC Testing. Performs Safety test for dielectric withstand voltage, earth leakage current test, touch current & hi-pot test.
  • Submit technical reports based on laboratory data obtained during evaluation and debugging of any known electrical issues. Multiple positions open.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering and one year of employment experience in the position or as Quality Assurance Engineer or as Design, Reliability or Verification Engineer, or related position.

Multiple positions open.

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