Standard Output Cords and Plugs for Power Supplies and Cable assemblies/Wire Harnesses

The right connector and cable is critical to proper performance in a power system. A mismatched or substandard power and/or signal interconnect can result in anything from poor performance to catastrophic device failure. GlobTek can provide you with the right cable and connector for your product or application to ensure the best performance at the right price. You can draw from our large family of standard products, or GlobTek’s engineers can design a custom cable solution for you.

GlobTek’s designs the overmold and cable solutions for power supplies and cable assemblies inhouse and has the capability to design and manufacture cable assemblies for all types and brands of connectors and cables. Full ISO9001/13485/14001 certified cable manufacturing and testing facilities are available in Northvale NJ, USA and Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. GlobTek maintains a large range of customized and standard tooling available for customer applications as well as a ability to rapidly design and manufacture custom and bespoke solutions.

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