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GTDP3025L0412-F GTDP3025L0412-F
Model NumberGTDP3025L0412-F
DescriptionGTDP3025L0412-F, ITE Power Supply, Desktop/External, DC-DC, , Input Rating: 9-60 VDC, Terminal Block, Output Rating: 25 Watts, 4V, 12VV in 0.1V increments, Approvals:
Agency Documents
CE EC-Declaration for MedicalContact GlobTek for more information
CE EC-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
RoHS/RoHS3 Declaration
REACH Declaration
Conflict Minerals Declaration
Model Parameters
CategoryITE Power Supply
Input Voltage Range (V)9-60 VDC
Max Input Current (A)9.0 A
Max Output Power Rating (W)25
Output Voltage Range (V)4V, 12V
Ingress Protection
Size (mm)110*40.60*21
EnclosureUser-added image

Rating Table
Model Number (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined) VoltageAmps (A)Watts (W) RFQ
* (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)
1. Input Voltage: 9-60 Vdc
2. Output Regulation: +/- 2% measured at the output connector for 4V output
+/- 5% measured at the output connector for 12V output
3. Line Voltage Regulation: +/- 1% measured at full load for 4V output connector
+/- 5% measured at full load for 12V output connector
4. Output Ripple (Vp-p): 132mV maximum, measured at 20 MHz bandwidth with 0.1 uf ceramic capacitor in parallel with 10 uf electrolytic capacitor connected at the end of the output connector at nominal line
5. Turn-ON/OFF Overshoot: 5% maximum, 500uS typical recovery time for 25% to 50% step load
6. Turn-ON Delay: ?? Seconds, maximum @ full load, nominal line
7. Hold-Up Time: ?? typical @ nominal input voltage and full load
8. Inrush Current: ??A maximum cold start @ 9Vdc input
9. Switching Frequency: 300 KHz typical
10. Efficiency: >??% at 9Vdc full load
>??% at 12Vdc full load
>82% at 12Vdc-60Vdc full load

11. Transient Response: 500uS to +/-1.5% max value @ 25% load step

1. Over-Voltage: ??
2. Short Circuit: Hiccup with auto recovery
3. Over-load: ??
4. Input Protection: Input line and neutral fusing
5. Reverse Polarity Protection: Available with A2S (chassis mounting)

1. Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1600 Vdc from primary to secondary, primary to chassis, secondary to chassis

1. MTBF: 1000,000 Hours @ 25°C ambient temperature
2. Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C ambient temperature
3. Humidity: 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
4. Storage Temperature: -55°C to 125°C
5. Cooling: Free Convection

1. Housing: Rugged, vehicle mounted. Vibration, shock, contamination, water resistant ?? . Aluminum
2. Size: 110.00*40.60*21.00 mm
3. Markings: Label
4. Vibration:MIL-STD-81F
5. Bump: SAE-J1455
6. Waterproof: ??
7. Contamination: Resistant to chemicals, rust, etc.
Derating CurveUser-added image
Qty (ea.)/Carton??
Individual Box/Gift Box Size (mm)??
Individual Box/Gift Box ColorWhite
Master Carton Size (mm)TBD
Gross Weight (kg)??
Label Width (mm)??
Label Height (mm)??
Input Configuration
DescriptionTerminal Block
Output Configuration
Common output connector options:
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L Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.5mm plug) C Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.1mm plug) K Type (Coaxial 3.5x1.3mm plug) LL Type (5.5x2.5mm Locking 760k type) CL Type (5.5x2.1mm Locking S761k type) Magnetic Connector

YL3 Type (KPPX-3P) YL4 Type (KPPX-4P) EJ1/2/3/4/5 (EIAJ RC-5320A type connectors) MSB Type (Micro USB) Inquire for custom design

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