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GT-81088-06VV-x.x-W2E GT-81088-06VV-x.x-W2E
Model NumberGT-81088-06VV-x.x-W2E
DescriptionGT-81088-06VV-x.x-W2E, ITE Power Supply, Wall Plug-in, Regulated Switchmode AC-DC Power Supply AC Adaptor, , Input Rating: 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz, European CEE 7/16 configuration: Europlug 2 PIN, Output Rating: 6 Watts, 5-12V in 0.1V increments, Approvals: CE China RoHS NEMKO WEEE Double Insulation Ukraine GOST-R RoHS 2
Agency Documents
CE EC-Declaration for MedicalContact GlobTek for more information
CE EC-Declaration for Industrial/Commercial/ITE
RoHS/RoHS3 Declaration
REACH Declaration
Conflict Minerals Declaration
Model Parameters
TypeWall Plug-in
TechnologyRegulated Switchmode AC-DC Power Supply AC Adaptor
CategoryITE Power Supply
Input Voltage Range (V)100-240V~, 50-60 Hz
Max Input Current (A)0.2
Max Output Power Rating (W)6
Output Voltage Range (V)5-12
Ingress Protection
Size (mm)66*41*25
EnclosureUser-added image
Rating Table
Model Number (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined) VoltageAmps (A)Watts (W) RFQ
GT-81088-057.5-2.5-W2E* 515 RFQ
GT-81088-057.5-1.5-W2E* 60.8335 RFQ
GT-81088-0612-3.0-W2E* 90.665.94 RFQ
GT-81088-0612-W2E* 120.56 RFQ
* (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)
1. Input Voltage: Specified 90-264 Vac, Nameplate rated: 100-240Vac
2. Input Frequency: Specified 47-63 Hz, Nameplate rated 50-60Hz
3. Output Power (Rated): 5 Watts max
4. Output Regulation: +/- 5% for main output, measured at the output connector
5. Line Regulation: +/- 2% Max at full load
6. Output Ripple (Vp-p): 100 mV P-P Max at 20 MHz and output parallel with 0.1uf and 10uf capacitors to ground temperature at 25°C, at 115/230 Vac input voltage
7. Turn-On/Turn-Off Overshoot: 5% maximum, 500 uS max recovery time for 25% step load
8. Turn-On Delay: <2 second
9. Hold-Up Time: 5 mS min at nominal input voltage & full load
10. Switching Frequency: 65 KHz typical
11. No load power consumption: complies with Energy Star and EISA, efficiency Level IV(North America)

1. Over-Voltage: Electronically Protection: protected, unit will recover upon removal of fault
2. Over current/Short Circuit: Protected, unit will recover upon removal of fault
3. Other Protection: Input line fusing
4. Dielectric withstand voltage: 4242 Vdc primary-secondary, 2121 Vdc primary-ground

1. Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 4242Vdc from primary to secondary
2. Touch Current: <0.25mA @ 240Vac input voltage

1. MTBF: 200,000 hours @ 25°C ambient temperature
2. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C ambient temperature
3. Humidity: 0% to 90% relative humidity
4. Storage Temperature: 20°C to 85°C
5. ROHS 2: Complies with EU 2011/65/EU and China SJ/T 11363-2006

1. Upper Housing: High impact plastic, 94V0 polycarbonate, non-vented
2. Lower Housing: High impact plastic, 94V0 polycarbonate, non-vented
3. Size: 66*34*25 +/-1.0mm
Derating Curve
Qty (ea.)/Carton120
Individual Box/Gift Box Size (mm)85*51*75
Individual Box/Gift Box ColorWhite
Master Carton Size (mm)445 x 326 x 335
Gross Weight (kg)
Label Width (mm)15.7
Label Height (mm)23.7
Input Configuration
DescriptionEuropean CEE 7/16 configuration: Europlug 2 PINThe prongs of the Europlug are 19 mm long. They consist of a 9 mm long conductive tip of 4 mm diameter with a rounded ending, followed by a 10 mm long flexible insulated shaft of not more than 3.8 mm diameter. The two prongs are not exactly parallel and converge slightly; their centres are 19 mm apart at the tip and 18.6 mm apart at the base. The elasticity of the converging prongs provides sufficient contact force for the Europlug's current rating with a variety of socket-hole arrangements. The entire plug is 35.3 mm wide and 13.7 mm high, and must not exceed these dimensions within 18 mm behind its front plane (this allows for the recesses on many European socket types). The left and right side of the plug are formed by surfaces that are at 45° relative to the horizontal plan.

User-added image
Output Configuration
Common output connector options:
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L Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.5mm plug) C Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.1mm plug) K Type (Coaxial 3.5x1.3mm plug) LL Type (5.5x2.5mm Locking 760k type) CL Type (5.5x2.1mm Locking S761k type) Magnetic Connector

YL3 Type (KPPX-3P) YL4 Type (KPPX-4P) EJ1/2/3/4/5 (EIAJ RC-5320A type connectors) MSB Type (Micro USB) Inquire for custom design

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User-added image  CE Mark: tested to comply with EN55022:2006/A1:2007 Class B, EN610003-2, EN610003-3 including EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6N EN61000-4-11; EMI: Complies with EN55011 CLASS B and FCC Part 15B - On label or Molded in case
User-added imageCHINA SJ/T 11364-2014, China RoHS Chart:
User-added image

Double Insulation - Mark is on the label or Molded in the case
User-added image
GOST-R mark for Russia(Document: 03/15/2015. Due to lack of demand, GlobTek will not be renewing it's GOST certification. Please contact your sales engineer for pricing on EAC.
User-added imageIndoor Use Only - Mark is on the label or Molded in the case
RoHSSpecifications of directive 2011/65/EU Annex VI (ROHS-2) with amendment 2015/863-EU (ROHS-3)
User-added imageUkraine UKRSepro (Document:
 User-added imageWEEE: Complies with EU 2012/19/EU ( Mark is on the label or Molded in the case
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