CCC GB4943.1-2011 Power Supply Adaptor certifications updated for the whole range of GlobTek models

Medical and ITE power supplies China CCC certificates have been updated to comply with the latest revision of the standard GB4943.1-2011 effective December 1, 2012. The CCC GB4943.1-2011 certification is required for power supplies used in or shipped to China.

As a market leader in China and most other internationally certified power supplies, GlobTek’s products from 6W(Watts) to 120W(Watts) have been updated. A majority of GlobTek products are suitable use in a “Tropical Climate Area” per GB4943.1-2011.

The below list of compliant models are generally universal input switching power supplies which provide input from 90-264VAC 50-60Hz and factory configurable outputs from 5V to 48VDC outputs. Additional features include low leakage current, low ripple, short circuit protection, over current protection, and high efficiency.

Customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging available upon request.

The power supply can be supplied with customer designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA and Suzhou China locations.

The power supplies are generally certified to IEC 60950-1 2nd edition or IEC60601-1 3rd edition and have certifications by UL (North America), C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand), Iram (Argentina), BSMI (Taiwan), CB (Worldwide), CCC (China), Demko (Europe), eK (Korea), NRCAN (Canada), Spring (Singapore), SIQ (Europe), Gost (Russia), and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine). They also comply with Canadian Nrcan efficiency requirements as well as FCC/VCC/CE emc requirements.

Made in USA option available.

GTA41077 Series 120 +12.0 - +48.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41069P T3 Series 90 +12.0 - +30.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41060 Series 24 +3.0 - +30.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GTM41060 Series 24 +3.0 - +30.0 Wall Plug In Medical
GT-41080 Series 18 +9.0 - +24.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41132 T3(A) Series 60 +12.0 - +24.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41132 T2 Series 60 +12.0 - +48.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41131 Series 30 +12.0 - +48.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GT-41134 Series 6 +3.3 - +15.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GT-41083-T2 Series 40 +12.0 - +48.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41135 Series 12 +5.0 - +48.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GT-41082 T3(A) Series 18 +5.0 - +15.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41081 Series 18 +5.0 - +9.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GT-41130 T3(A) Series 24 +10.0 - +24.0 Desktop ITE
GTM41076 series 6 +3.0 - +24.0 Wall Plug In Medical
GT-41062 -T3 Series 18 +5.0 - -+24.0 Desktop ITE
GT-41062 Series 18 +5.0 - -+24.0 Wall Plug In ITE
GT-41133 T3(A) Series 90 +12.0 - +48.0 Desktop ITE
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When a large inductive load such as a DC motor or a solenoid controlled valve is placed on the output of the power supply, at certain points of the load operation current/energy may be returned... PSU Back EMF Option, for GlobTek EL6 design series products
  • GlobTek now offers a 5A rated MicroUSB (USB Micro-B) connector along with Power supplies utilizing this connector with output currents up to 5A. Popular custom voltages are available from 4-5.95V but any... GlobTek offers MicroUSB (USB Micro-B) connectors with up to 5A current ratings for high current applications, 451-02180281(R)
  • ESD Testing Method,
	for Class II Input Medical Devices
	GlobTek, May 6,
	2019, Dave Love

With the latest 4th edition of the medical EMC standard 60601-1-2, 4th Ed, the ESD test levels... ESD Testing Method, for Class II Input Medical Devices
  • GlobTek offers a wide variety of IEC60335-1 household use certified power supplies

The International Standard 60335-1 covers the safety of electrical appliances for household and similar purposes with... 60335-1 Household Certified power supplies available in a number of formats and wattage as standard items
  • AS/NZ 60950 Certification is required for Switching power supplies to be imported independently or with a system into Australia or New Zealand per the Australian State Acts & Regulations (eg NSW Electricity... GlobTek ITE, Medical, and household use power supplies are certified to AS/NZ 60950 and are ideal for use with equipment to be exported to Australia
  • GlobTek offers a wide range of power supplies fitted with USB type connectors. Due to special application needs, higher voltages may be required to accommodate voltage drop or high current carrying capability. Standard USB power supplies with output voltages above 5V available in 5.1V, 5.2V, 5.3V, 5.4V, and 5.5V for Medical, ITE, and household use.
  • GlobTek offers customer specific termination options for it's wide range of Medical, ITE, and household use power supplies as well as cable assemblies and wire harnesses. As part of it's offering, GlobTek... XLR connectors available in Male or Female configuration both in mechanically attached and overmolded configurations on GlobTek Medical, Household use, and ITE power supplies
  • Globtek can provide up to seven QC3.0 output power profiles for our GTM96605 USB adaptive power
products. Six of the USB3.0 power profiles are normally provided as follows:
5V/4.6A, 5.8V/4.6A, 9V/4.4A,... USB Type C Adaptive Power supply adapter/rapid charger supports USB PD 2.0/3.0, QC 2.0/3.0, QC 4.0/4.0+ and offers Special/custom Output Voltages, Model family GTM96605
  • GlobTek's GTM961800P 180W Desktop provides up to 300W surge handling capacity for up to a minute for applications with a 120V input option and up to 500W for 230V only applications. This is ideal for motor... 180W Desktop power supplies provide up to 300W peak power @ 120V input and up to 500W at 230V, Medical, ITE, and Household use certified
  • GlobTek is introducing 3 new waterproof locking barrel connectors that will be molded equivalents to the Switchcraft® part numbers listed below:

GlobTek code CLW:
Female Barrel 5.5 * 2.1 barrel w/thumbscrew;... GlobTek is introducing 3 new waterproof locking barrel connectors
  • GlobTek offers the following plugs to meet the requirements in South Africa:

PN: Q-SANS64-1-16A(R) Color: Black, SABS164-1 3 round prongs
PN: Q-SANS164-4L-16A(R) – Color: Blue, SABS164-4, +53º
PN:... GlobTek offers South African SABS164-1 and SABS164-4 Plugs in 3 versions 0º (red), +53º (blue) and -53º (black) for the Q-style wall plug in power supplies for Medical, ITE, and household use.
  • Globtek can provide up to seven USB PD2.0/3.0 output power profiles for our GTM96605 USB adaptive
power products. Six of the USB PD2.0/3.0 power profiles are normally provided as follows:
5V/4.6A, 5.8V/4.6A,... USB Adaptive Power Supply offers Special Output Voltages option at 60W power level and complies with USB PD2.0/3.0 protocol as well as QC2.0/3.0
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