Latest Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery charger designs from GlobTek implement multiple redundant safety features to prevent failure and damage to batteries and systems while mitigating risk and lengthening battery life

In response to increased concern and requirements of portable equipment and device manufacturers for safety related to Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, GlobTek’s latest generation battery charger designs include numerous redundant safety features which when communicating with electronics in Lithium (Li-Ion) batteries prevents failure or damage of the battery pack during charging. Aside from safety, the charger includes many features to maintain and lengthen battery life.

The GlobTek GT-93023-12012(R) is a customized bespoke multiple bay battery charger designed to charge 5 battery packs in unison. The customer specifies a battery pack consisting of Panasonic CGA103450A 103450 sized prismatic cells in a 3S2P configuration. The customized bespoke battery pack has a built-in fuel gauge and protection circuit while not including an NTC. Battery pack and cell temperature can be read from one of the registers inside the fuel gauge IC.

The 5 bay charger system utilizes the latest in battery charging technologies to quickly and properly charge and maintain the battery pack. Aside from charging, the charger includes the following features:

  • Redundant safety features, (2 back up timers, 2 over temperature protection, 2 battery short circuit protection)
  • Battery authentication (will not charge if battery ID is wrong)
  • Under voltage protection, UVP, a feature that will disable the charger if battery pack voltage is very low which is an indication that at least one of the cells in the pack is not working correctly
  • Charge suspend, a feature where the charger will suspend charging when battery temperature is between 50 to 60C and auto recover when it drops back below 48C
  • Fault mode driven by the following events: wrong ID, no ID, open or shorted battery terminal, fuel gauge communication error, over voltage, under voltage, outside 0C to 60C operating temperature range
  • Battery conditioning to extend battery life, conditioning is implemented by applying very low charging current to safely revive fully discharged battery
  • Dynamic charging, a feature that regulates the amount of power drawn by the charger from the power supply so it won’t exceed the set value. We added this feature so we can use the existing 150W supply we already have. Without this feature, we will need a 200W power supply.
  • Battery can be left in the bay for months without concern of over charging
  • Battery left in the bay will eventually self discharge (months after), the charger will recognize this and will automatically initiate charging to top it off.

The GT-93023-12012(R) charger has a custom bespoke enclosure designed inhouse by GlobTek , designed to fit the custom battery packs it charges. The charger is powered by GlobTek standard external power supplies with the following power requirements:

1. Electrical Specifications:

Input Voltage:+24Vdc, +/-5%
Input Current:6.25A
Input Power:150W
Output (Per Bay)
Charging Voltage:12.6Vdc, +/-1% Maximum
Pre-Charge Current:250mA, +/-20%
Bulk Charge Current:2.5A +/-10% Maximum
Output Power:31.5Watts per bay, 150 Watts total for all 5 bays
Charge Termination Current:250mA, +/-20%

Battery Conditioning: If battery voltage is between 8V to 9V, the charger will start in precharge mode to safely revive a fully discharged battery. When the battery voltage exceed 9.1V, bulk charging will begin automatically. Precharging is indicated by flashing amber LED.

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