Li-Ion Lithium Battery Charger offers 2 independent charger outputs allowing users to charge 2 battery packs at once, GTM930482LI1C2000ZML

GTM930482LI1C2000ZML is a 16.8W hybrid desktop / wall plug-in charger which is Internationally Certified and LPS Approved in either Class I or Class II Desktop configuration.

This high-density hybrid charger offers 2 independent Li-Ion charging channels, as well as three modes of operation: Pre-Charge, Fast Charge and Trickle Charge with typical charging currents during fast charge of 2.0A per channel! Charging status is indicated by RED and GREEN LEDs for easy monitoring. The charger may be optimized to with charging settings which perfectly match the battery to be charged.

  1. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS per each channel:
    1. Charging Voltage: 4.2Vdc, +/-5% Maximum
    2. Pre-charger current : change to 300±50mA
    3. Bulk Charge Current: 2.0 A, ±10%
    4. Pre-Charge to Bulk Charge transition voltage: 2.85V-2.95V
    5. Transition voltage: change to 2.85Vdc to 2.95Vdc
    6. Battery Charging Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 35°C
    7. Charge termination current: change to 200±50mA
    8. Back-up charge termination : change to 4.5 hours ±10%
    9. Charger will terminate charging when timer expired
    10. Battery Protection: see section B
    11. LED Charge Status Indicator
      1. Pre-Charge: Solid Red
      2. Bulk Charge: Solid Red
      3. Charge Complete: Solid Green
      4. No battery or Fault: Green and Amber LED off
    1. Short Circuit Protection: Charger will not commence charging when BAT+ and BAT- are shorted.
    2. Over Temperature Protection: No thermistor connected to battery pack. OTP is inside the charger only.
    3. Reverse Battery Protection: Battery should be mechanically protected from being installed reversed.
    4. Defective Battery Protection: If battery voltage will not rise above the pre-charge to bulk charge transition voltage (2.85Vdc to 2.95Vdc) within 20 minutes from the time pre-charging begins, the battery is considered defective and the charger will terminate charging.
    5. When fault condition occurs, the battery has to be removed from the charger and reinstalled after at least 3 seconds to reset the protection. Charging will commence after battery reinstallation only when the fault is cleared.
    6. The miniature 117.53x53.47x36.6 mm ITE and Medical universal input switching power supply model GTM930482LI1C2000ZML is available in either a Wall Plug-in or Desktop Configuration. The power supply may be supplied with factory configured or field installable changeable input blades in the following options:

      1. Class II model NEMA 1-15P AC power plug with 2 prongs, R-NA-2(R)
      2. Australian AS 3112 configuration: SAA 2 pins Class II, R-SAA-2(R)
      3. UK BS 1363 configuration: UK 2 pins (dummy Ground) Class II, R-UK-2(R)
      4. European CEE 7/16 configuration: Europlug 2 PINS, Class II, R-EU-2(R)

This unit is certified to IEC60950-1 for ITE Equipment and 60601-1 for Medical and Healthcare applications. Medical units are certified 2xMOOP (means of operator protection) which refers to two independent systems of insulation protecting the patient from dangerous voltages. A single insulating component can get this rating based on extensive testing.

This family of Battery Chargers is suitable for most applications requiring reliable DC Power such as medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment and instruments, hospital equipment and fixtures, high power appliances, Test and Measurement equipment, Industrial controls, consumer products, Telecom equipment, or battery chargers.

Custom wire harnesses and loom kits available either assembled on the unit or packaged with it.

Bespoke, customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging, ruggedized to various degrees of Ingress Protection, such as IP52 versions are available upon request. According to BS EN 60529 and IEC 529, IP52 signifies that the medical (60601-1) power supply is Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) as well as Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15°C from the vertical. Test reports and certifications as well, as variety of other customizations or options is available upon request.

Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

Industry – Leading 5 year warranty

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