GTM96900P90VV.V-T3系列产品,医疗和工业认系列产品在40-60瓦和75-90瓦范围符合61000-3-2 等级C Medizinisch und IT approbiertes Netzteil erfüllt 61000-3-2 Class C im 40-60W und 75-90W Bereich, GTM96900P90VV.V-T3 Modell Alimentations médicales et TIC selon 61000-3-2 classe C, puissance 40-60W/75-90W, modèle GTM96900P90VV.V-T3

Medical and ITE power supply offers 61000-3-2 class C compliance in 40-60w and 75-90w ranges, model GTM96900P90VV.V-T3

GlobTek's GTM96900P90VV.V-T3 family of power supplies offers an optional factory configurable version with 61000-3-2 class C compliance. IEC 61000-3-2 "Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 3-2: Limits - Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase)" is an international standard concerning the harmonics emitted by electric equipment. The analog European standard is called EN 61000-3-2 EN61000-3-2

Manufacturers of lighting equipment, such as LED lighting and LED street lighting may require power supplies with Class C compliance. This model is certified to IEC60601, 60950, 62368, and 60335 providing a solution to manufacturers of unique ligtingin equipment or non lighting equipment being helpd to the Class C standard.

Bespoke, customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging, Open Frame or ruggedized to various degrees of Ingress Protection, such as IP52 or potted IP68 versions are available upon request. According to BS EN 60529 and IEC 529, IP52 signifies that the medical (60601-1) power supply is Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) as well as Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15°C from the vertical. Test reports and certifications as well, as variety of other customizations or options is available upon request.

The power supply can be provided with customer designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA, Münster Germany, and Suzhou China locations.

Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

Industry – Leading 5 year warranty

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