New 60W Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage GT-E3056CC60 Desktop Expands GlobTek’s line of LED Drivers!

New 60W Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage GT-E3056CC60 Desktop Expands GlobTek’s line of LED Drivers!

GT-E3056**60VV-X.X represents GlobTek’s 60W desktop series family of LED Drivers for International Applications, which is also features CE, cULus and WEEE approvals and complies with EU 2011/65/EU and China SJ/T 11363-2006 to offer ROHS 2 construction! Our new, high-power device is designed to meet IEC61347-1 IEC61347-2-13, UL1310&UL1012+UL8750 and GB19510.1 / GB19510.14!

Addressing high-power requirements and tough environmental applications, such as portable equipment, instrumentation and digital signage, the GT-E3056 family of high power density desktop power supplies from GlobTek is available in versions delivering either constant-current or constant voltage 12Vo and 24Vo versions of up-to 60W of power.

30Vo – 42Vo Constant-Current version is also available at 1.5A to complement the series!

Hi-Efficiency ITE power supplies measure 153.0 x 60.0 x 39.7mm and are available in configurations accepting universal input rating of 100Vac to 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, IEC 60320/C14 AC Inlet Connector, Class I, Earth Ground AC inlet configuration. They also offer Power factor (PF) of ≥0.9(AC100-240V and Harmonic distortion: THD ≤20%.

Of course, a large variety of GlobTek’s international cord sets, including North American, NA Hospital, European, UK / Ireland, Australia, Japan, Swiss, Italy, Denmark, India / Africa, China, Israel and others is available to compliment world-wide use of our devices!

Features include a line voltage regulation of ±1%, an output load regulation of ±5% as well, as a low output ripple noise. These AC-DC converters are also protected against over-temperature, overvoltage and short-circuit conditions. It also has Input line fusing for Input Protection.

“The ability to scale up your power supply size gives you more flexibility in design” according to David Rakovsky, GlobTek’s COO. “You can start with a lower-output model in the family and be confident in the ability to address any increases in power requirements by just moving to a more powerful member of the product family.”

In addition to 60W versions, GlobTek also offers wall plug-in and encapsulated lower power families of LED Drivers with variety of output voltages and currents, such as up- to 6W GT-81088 family which provides a constant current output of 0.35A or 350mA and an output voltage of 9.5-12.0 V DC, or up-to 3.7W GTH51085CC series which output ranging from: 0.5 to 10.5V with constant current up to 0.7A.

Customized enclosure colors are also available, along with housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging.

The module can be supplied with customer-designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek’s New Jersey, USA and Suzhou, China locations.

Made in USA or Made in China options available. Local China to China delivery is available upon request.

Industry – Leading 5 year warranty

Contact GlobTek for a wide range of other Internationally Certified Power Supplies and other Power – related products! 1-201-784-1000 or

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