NiMH Battery Pack, 2.4V 2000mAH, 2S1P with 55C Thermal Protector and IEC62133 certification, BM2000C1450AA2S1PATP

BM2000C1450AA2S1PATP is an addition to the growing family of GlobTek’s IEC 62133 Certified High-Capacity Battery Packs with the host of Safety, Monitoring and Connecting features. The NIMH battery provides 2.4V  at 2000mAh capacity. It has on-board thermal protection as well as a TE connector for easy mating to end use systems. Alternate termination and connectorization is available upon request

Beginning May 1st, 2012, all lithium-ion batteries, including those intended to be used in Medical products must be tested and certified to IEC 62133, with the exception of those contained in information technology equipment (IEC 60950-1) and audio/video (IEC 60065) products.

IEC 62133:2012 specifies requirements and tests for the safe operation of portable sealed secondary cells and batteries (other than button) containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolyte, under intended use and reasonably foreseeable misuse.

Portable battery IEC 61233 – Medical Devices, Power Tools, Household Applications and others (except Telecom, Audio/Video and ICT products – TC108 is expected to adopt IEC 62133 by 2013): cells must be certified to IEC 62133 in order to certify the battery. Because battery packs do not have a 'delta' test, they will need evaluation with a CB report.

After many modifications, IEC issued the second version, which is closest to the formal version of IEC 62133 – 21A/481/CDV at the end of 2010. Comparing IEC 62133 second version (draft) with the IEC 62133 first version.

The basic battery pack is in stock @ Digikey:

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