Outdoor rated, IP68 waterproof, USB Power supply with Micro USB connector outputs 5v 3A, PR91A3000MSB-CIMRVB

GlobTek's PR91A3000MSB-CIMRVB is a 15W external power supply, or USB Charger, with an output of 5v 3A supplied to end products via Micro USB connector. 

The miniature ICT (62368), ITE(60950-1), Medical (60601-1), and Household Use (60335-1) certified universal input switching power supply model GTM91120-1507.5-2.5-P2 is configured in a  Class II configuration with a Nema 1-15P input connector. Alternate configurations are available such as Class II IEC60320 C8 or C18, or Class I, 3 Prong, IEC60320/C14m Nema 5-15P.  Input alternatively available in flying leads of customer designated lengths and colors for hard wire applications.

The tiny ITE(60950-1), Medical (60601-1), and Household Use (60335-1) power supply has an input from 90-264VAC 50-60Hz and a 5V output. Optionally, a factory configurable output of 5VDC to 48VDC output with a max power of 20W continuous output. This product is produced in an ISO13485 certified facility. This Family features Regulated output with very low ripple, Built-in over current, Short circuit, Over current, and thermal protection as well as low leakage, low ripple, and high efficiency. The product is suitable for most outdoor and outside applications requiring DC power and common applications include utility metering, lighting, telecommunications, Portable instruments, medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment and instruments, Hospital equipment and fixtures, equipment, and as a power source for Li-Ion battery chargers.  This power supply is ideal for hardwire installation of IoT devices and any device which requires a USB type C power connection.

Customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging available upon request.

Non-Ruggedized external IP40 version as well as IPx0 open frame internal units available upon request. According to BS EN 60529 and IEC 529, IP68 signifies that the medical (60601-1) power supply Dust Tight No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact as well as Protected against liquid Immersion beyond 1 m. IP68 test report and certification available upon request.

The power supply can be supplied with customer designated output plugs, many of which are stocked at GlobTek New Jersey USA and Suzhou China locations.

The power supplies comply with IEC 60950-1 2nd edition or IEC60601-1 3rd edition and have certifications by UL (North America), C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand), Iram (Argentina), BSMI (Taiwan), CB (Worldwide), CCC (China), Demko (Europe), eK (Korea), NRCAN (Canada), Spring (Singapore), SIQ (Europe), CU TR/Gost (Russia), South Africa, Singapore (PSB), and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine). They also comply with Canadian Nrcan efficiency requirements as well as FCC/VCC/CE emc requirements.

Made in USA or China option available. Local China to China delivery available upon request.

5 year warranty.

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Outdoor rated, IP68 waterproof, USB Power supply with Micro USB connector outputs 5v 3A, PR91A3000MSB-CIMRVB
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