USB Adaptive Power Supply offers Special Output Voltages option at 60W power level and complies with USB PD2.0/3.0 protocol as well as QC2.0/3.0

Globtek can provide up to seven USB PD2.0/3.0 output power profiles for our GTM96605 USB adaptive power products. Six of the USB PD2.0/3.0 power profiles are normally provided as follows:
5V/4.6A, 5.8V/4.6A, 9V/4.4A, 12V/4A, 15V/3.6A and 20V/3A.

The seventh output power profile, can be customized, for special customer application.

Note, the power profile is a combination of the output voltage and the output current required by the customer application.

We recently provide a seventh, custom power profile of 19V/3.15A, for a large volume customer application. power-supply-ac-adaptor/gtm96605-gen2-r2/a0O0c00000PIBy9EAH

Above web link is to the 2 conductor input version, in the desktop format, other mechanical formats and input configurations are also available.

Additional options are available for special output voltages using the QC3.0 communication protocol, which can request the output voltage to be adjusted in 0.2V increments. Note, the USB controller used is compatible with QC4.0, which is a superset command structure which encompasses both the USB PD2.0/3.0 protocol, as well as the QC2.0/3.0 protocol.

Please contact GlobTek for specific requirements to your application.

Real time product offering:

Model SeriesWatts (W)Voltage (V)Type

USB adaptive power models
600 VDesktop/External

USB adaptive power models
600 VDesktop/External

USB adaptive power models
600 VDesktop/External

USB adaptive power models
600 VDesktop/External

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