Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Power Supplies

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has mandated the minimum energy efficiency levels for external power supplies that must be met in order for the product to be imported into Canada or shipped between Canadian provinces. This revision to the Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations, known as “Amendment 11”, comes into force on April 12, 2012.

Manufacturers are now required to secure third-party validation of energy performance from an accredited certification body approved by the Standards Council of Canada in order to access the Canadian market. Products that demonstrate they have met these requirements will have a test certificate issued by the 3rd party laboratory. All of GlobTek’s approved products also bear the Energy Efficiency Verification mark and an NRCan Efficiency mark. External Power Supplies that comply with Level IV or Level V efficiency will meet or exceed Canadian requirements in all cases, but still require 3rd party certification prior to being imported into Canada or shipped between Canadian provinces.

GlobTek manufactures a very wide product offering that has been certified to NRCan or in the process of certification.

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As always, GlobTek offers one of the largest offerings of power supplies and related products / services: (Power Cords, Battery packs, LED Drivers, PoEs and Contract Manufacturing), backed by the best 5-year warranty in the industry!

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