ITE-rated Desktop Switcher Delivers up to 40W

Suitable for use in general and ITE applications, the GT-43006 Series 40W desktop power supplies from GlobTek, a world-class power solutions provider, can deliver 12V at 3.3A with no minimum load required for output regulation. The Level-V Energy Star RoHS-compliant power supply has a line regulation of ±1% and an output ripple of 1% or 150mV, whichever is greater, with a hold-up time of 8mS and a turn-in/turn-off overshoot of 5% max.

“12V is a very popular voltage for devices, and it is always good to have an efficient and reliable power supply that can address just about any application” points out Ed Seaman, VP Sales for GlobTek. “Just because a lot of supplies are available doesn’t mean they can all serve your application.”

Suitable for use in any country, the desktop power supply complies with EN55022 CLASS B, FCC PART 15 CLASS B, EN55022:1998_A1:2000, EN610003-2, E610003-3 including EN61204-3:2000, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6N, and EN61000-4-11. The power supply is also tested to comply with Australia Section 182 of the radio communication act of 1992, and also complies with EISA Section 301, CECP TIER 2 (CHINA), MEPS TIER 2 (AUSTRALIA)

ITE-rated Desktop Switcher Delivers up to 40W
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