Desktop Power Supplies Deliver up to 150W

Addressing high-power consumer device and other demanding applications, the GT-43004 family of high power density desktop power supplies from GlobTek are available in versions delivering up to 150W. The Level-V-rated ITE-qualified power supplies measure 172.5 x 72.2 x 42.0mm and are available in configurations accepting from 100Vac to 240 Vac providing from 12Vdc to 24Vdc (in 0.1V increments) with a C14 or C6 AC inlet configuration.

“The ability to scale up your power supply size gives you more flexibility in design” according to David Rakovsky, GlobTek’s COO. “You can start with a lower-output model in the family and be confident in the ability to address any increases in power requirements by just moving to a more powerful member of the product family.”

Features include a line voltage regulation of ±1% an output load regulation of ±5% as well as an output ripple of 1%p-p and an overshoot of 10% max, 1ms typical recovery time for a 25% step load. The desktop power supplies are also protected against overvoltage and short-circuit conditions. Potted versions that can be qualified to IP65 with wire harness for input and output connection are also available.

Desktop Power Supplies Deliver up to 150W
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