Medically-Approved Open-Frame Switchers Deliver up to 240W

Suitable for use in a variety of medical, ITE, and PoE applications, the GTM91110P240 Family of open-frame AC/DC switchmode power supplies from GlobTek deliver up to 240W in a 3 x 5-inch footprint. The devices are provided in factory-configured outputs from 12 to 55 V (in 0.1-V increments). Available in Class I or II versions, the 1.75-high power supplies are 85% efficient at full load and include features such as active PFC, a built-in EMI filter, and a 12-V fan output as well as DC-input versions from 130VDC to 380VDC.

“Our switchers are versatile power supplies; you can use them in just about any indoor application.” Ed Seaman, VP of Sales for GlobTek, points out. “They’re available in a range of configurations and we can make just about any modification the customer desires.”

Additional features include an output ripple voltage ±1% max, a load regulation of ±2%, and a line regulation of ±0.5%, with input line protection as well as protection from overvoltage, short-circuit, and overload conditions. The power supplies are EN60601-1-2, EN55022, EN55024, and EN61000-3-2/3 compliant. A remote output sensing option is available as well as an optional perforated enclosure.

Modified and custom designs are available in a variety of voltages and capacities, and a “made in USA” option is also available.

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