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Output WattsVout60601-1-2, 4th Ed.IEC 62368-1Dimensions (mm)URL
ICT/ITE Power Supply

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GT-A2000 is a single phase 2000W intelligent battery charger featuring an LED indicator for power loading and charger status. The charger is a single output employing an advanced microprocessor-controlled power management system to control the two stage battery charging technique as well as other functionality such as OCP and the CANBUS/RS485/RS422 interface

200090-264Vac (47 – 63Hz)54-82.3 Vn/an/an/an/an/an/a350*70*184https://en.globtek.com/model/ict-ite-power-supply/enclosed-metal/gt-a2000-svvvxxx/w71037
White Paper: Power Adapters Design Techniques to Meet the New DoE Level VI Efficiency Standards
With less than a year left before the US Department of Energy's Level VI energy efficiency regulation becomes mandatory, system-level engineers and specifiers are now focused on testing and qualifying external power supplies from different vendors that meet the upcoming efficiency and no-load input power require- ments. With GlobTek's newly released Level VI compliant product line, these tasks can be simplified and expedited allowing manufacturers shorter time to market. GlobTek will continue to invest in research and development to push the boundaries of power supply efficiency and no-load input power consumption to meet and exceed current and future energy efficiency standards.
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