GlobTek®锂离子稜柱式/圆柱式电池 Li-Ionen-prismatischen und zylindrischen Zellen von GlobTek Li-ion cellules prismatiques et cylindriques à partir GlobTek Celle Li-ion Prismatiche e Cilindriche di GlobTek GlobTek社リチウムイオン多彩でシリンダー状のセル 리튬-이온 각기둥 및 원통형 전지, GlobTek Células Li-íon Prismáticas e Cilíndricas da GlobTek Li-ion Prismatic and Cylindrical Cells from GlobTek
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Li-ion Prismatic and Cylindrical Cells from GlobTek

Li-Ion batteries with capacity up to 1600 ma/hr per cell. Advantages over other battery chemistries include: High Operation Voltage 3.6V/Cell Longer Cycle Life Typically 1000 Times Large Specific Energy Up to 160 Wh/Kg Up to 360 Wh/L Large Energy Density Up to that of NI-Cd / Ni-MH cells. Low self-discharge rate (as low as 6% / month), environmentally friendly (no metal Lithium inside), excellent charge / discharge characteristics (more than 500 charge/discharge cycles), fast charging "A" cells can be fully charged in only 70 minutes using a constant current/constant voltage charging method at a maximum current of 1Cma. GlobTek's Li-Ion Batteries are designed and produced according to UL, CE safety standards. Our battery testing includes: crush test, overcharging, thermal shocking, short circuit, nail penetration, and incineration. Cells are designed for "high rate" charging and discharging making these ideal for portable, consumer, industrial & medical equipment. Chargers are also available. Made in USA option available upon request.

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